Top ten bulk deals of Friday

There were 883 advances, 799 declines and 72 unchanged stocks on the NSE, reflective of a fairly bullish undertone floating in the market.

Bulk deal is a trade, where total quantity bought or sold is more than 0.5% of the number of equity shares of a listed company.

Following are the top ten bulk deals that occurred on the National Stock Exchange in Friday’s trading session:
Security Name Client Name Buy / Sell Quantity Traded Trade Price / Wght. Avg. Price Traded Value
Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd MV SCIF MAURITIUS SELL 3232895 200.48 Rs 64,81,30,789.60
Ipca Laboratories Ltd. AXIS MUTUAL FUND A/C AXIS LONG TERM EQUITY FUND SELL 1108795 453.64 Rs 50,29,93,763.80
Suprajit Engineering Limited SMALLCAPWORLD FUND INC BUY 1122289 297 Rs 33,33,19,833.00
Kridhan Infra Limited PAYONE ENTERPRISES PRIVATE LIMITED SELL 875000 73.32 Rs 6,41,55,000.00
Vadivarhe Spclty Chem Ltd GARNET INTERNATIONAL LTD BUY 150000 121.15 Rs 1,81,72,500.00
GSS Infotech Limited AZIM F TAPIA SELL 600000 27.45 Rs 1,64,70,000.00
Jyoti Structures Ltd MARFATIA NISHIL SURENDRA BUY 1662823 9.46 Rs 1,57,30,305.58
Vadivarhe Spclty Chem Ltd GARNET INTERNATIONAL LTD SELL 108000 127.85 Rs 1,38,07,800.00
MBL Infrastructures Ltd PCA INDIA INFRASTRUCTURE EQUITYOPEN LIMITED SELL 452974 29.84 Rs 1,35,16,744.16
GSS Infotech Limited JHAVERI TRADING AND INVESTMENT PVT. LTD. BUY 448667 27.41 Rs 1,22,97,962.47

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