RBI issues 8 tranches of SGBs worth Rs 5400 crore

The Reserve Bank of India, in consultation with the Government of India, has issued eight tranches of Sovereign Gold Bonds for a total value of Rs 5,400 crore, till date.

Investors in these bonds have been provided with the option of holding them in physical or dematerialised form.

The requests for dematerialisation have largely been processed successfully. A set of records, however, could not be processed for various reasons such as mismatches in names and PAN numbers, inactive or closed demat accounts, besides other reasons.

A list of such unsuccessful demat requests is now placed on https://sovereigngoldbonds.rbi.org.in. The information given therein is tranche wise and include names of the Receiving Offices, Investor IDs and reasons for non-dematerialisation of the bond.

Investors can access this data to ascertain whether their investor IDs figure in the list. All receiving offices will also need to access this information for their customers and make appropriate corrections in consultation with their clients. The modification window in the e-Kuber application of the Reserve Bank of India is open for this purpose.


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